Lady Dark Angel – Blueberries Under Leather High Heeled Boots

So I want to welcome you to our new collective series called Crushing for fun where beautiful and dominant mistresses crush food and objects for pleasure.We start with the gorgeous and sadistic Lady Dark Angel. You know her very well. She loves abusing and torturing slaves as you know, but she also loves crushing food and objects for fun.Dressed in leather from head to toe having her luxurious pointy toe leather boots on (Arollo boots by the way) she comes back home and starts checking up her phone. Walking slowly absolutely carelessly back and forth not paying any attention whats happening beneath her boots Lady Dark Angel just treading on some blueberries on the floor. You can hear very well the noise of the blueberries crunching.Almost at the end of the clip the Goddess has noticed the crushed blueberries on the floor and shes started to telling the slave what to do talking to the camera, so you can enjoy a little bit of POV as well. And you can see very well the soles of the boots and how messy they are.The clip is filmed in a portrait mode, but its so worth watching definitely and there are some slow motions added for the beautiful moments.

Lady Dark Angel - Blueberries Under Leather High Heeled Boots

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