Jasmin – Hand and Fingers Trampling

Jasmin wants to crush slaves hands with her cruel high-heels on platform. First she presses Alexs fingers with her shoes, then Jasmin stands with her full weight (49kg / 108lbs) on both slaves hands. Alex screams in pain but Jasmin only laughs. Then she decide to make Alexs screams very loud. Jasmin place her heels on the slaves palm and the soles on his wrist, so now she stands on poor slave with her full weight and even didnt touch the floor! Alex screams was incredible and Jasmin even thinks that she puncture his palms through. But she only made a small but deep heel-footprint. Jasmin dont want to completely destroy Alexs hands, so she take off her shoes and tramples slaves hands in stockings. Jasmin also stands on Alexs fingers on both feet and only on one foot. Also she stands on tiptoes. Finally she stomps on poor Alexs hands until they became red.

Jasmin - Hand and Fingers Trampling

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