Introducing to You Lady Isla – Innocent Teddies Mercilessly Crushed Into the Mud (1080p MP4)

Let me introduce you to the sadistic Lady Isla today. This is our first clip together and weve discovered that she really likes treading on small toys, especially Teddy bears.So today 3 innocent Teddies will find themselves underneath the pointy toe leather boots absolutely covered in mud to the point where you cant even see them anymore. They completely disappeared.She starts with the Ginger one first slowly trampling him into the deep mud until he is completely unrecognizable. The other two Teddies are watching whats happening to their friend and Lady Isla really enjoys that. She talks to the Teddies from time to time while they are disappearing beneath her muddy boots. She doesnt have any mercy whatsoever by the way. Laughing from time to time The Goddess is really cruel at what shes doing.A few minutes later the second Teddy got the same fate as the first one. He is completely covered in mud and you cant even find him. Actually nobody can find him.Moments later its the turn to the smallest Teddy who got absolutely the same treatment as his friends. But Lady Isla wants to have a little bit more fun beforehand. She kicks him a couple of times like hes just a ball. Then The Goddess starts treading on him, twisting her boots until Teddy is gone.But Lady Isla has not finished yet. She found two of the extremely muddy Teddies and mercilessly kicked them into the small puddle where she could finish them completely. A little more trampling into the deep muddy puddle takes place until the innocent Teddies are gone. Then she just leaves them there and walks away.

Introducing to You Lady Isla - Innocent Teddies Mercilessly Crushed Into the Mud (1080p MP4)

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