Erika Korti – Cruel Hand Crushing with Heels

Erika Korti is very curious. She wants to know, can Alex endure all pain while she is crushing his hands with her cruel high heels with a thick soles. She stomps Alexs palms with her full weight (46kg / 101lbs). For Alex its very hard challnge because soles of Erika Korti shoes are thick and solid, and his hands are very small and bony. But Erika Korti loves to crush his hands. When she saw that Alex hardly can bear his pain she tells him to swap his hands and now tramples his palms instead. Then Erika Korti stands only on one foot on Alexs palm and presses it only with one heel with her full weight. Alex screams in pain and Erika Korti loves it! She saw deep marks that leaves from her metal heel tap on poor slaves hand. And now its time to stomp Alexs hands in stockings. This time Erika Korti can stand anywhere on the slaves hands and dont afraid to cause him any hard damage. So she stand on both feet and only on one foot on Alexs hands. She also jumps from one hand to another. When she is finished Alexs hands became red and he feels pain for the next few days.

Erika Korti - Cruel Hand Crushing with Heels

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