Crushing A Toy Truck (FULL HD) – Claudia

another phantastic crushing experience today. starring beautiful polish red haired bitch she wears personal sexy peeptoe pumps with a snakeprint design. on her cute feet stands one of YOUR beloved toy trucks. YOU are collecting toy cars do you? this is the meaning of YOUR existence…collecting cars…how ridicoulous…and never get in contact with a beauty like claudia or? for sure not… so are the thoughts of claudia for sure and she will show you what she thinks what is the right way to deal with the truck and to deal with you by breaking it to pieces below her cruel heels…she is not in a hurry and will frustrate you a lot when crush the toy til its just a mess of plastic… german language! clip duration: 08.28 mins.

Crushing A Toy Truck (FULL HD) - Claudia

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