Crushing A Firetruck (FULL HD) – Irina

Next clip for today belongs to our crushing fan. and it is the 2nd of the new ones with beautiful blonde lady irina! she is dressed fully in leather from head to toe that simply look gorgeous. to the ground is you well beloved plastic car model of a firetruck. the one that you really love to play with. irina also would love to play with it, but not the way you do! she would love to destroy this thing with the heels of her long leather boots! what? you protest? haha…forget it… when irina wants to do something she simply does. and so its time for destruction today… but wtf… its not so easy obviously to bring this damn bitch to pieces! it sprays away when irina ramms her heel into it. but of course this kind of clip will end in the end like all of our crushing clips do – with nothing but a mess of plastic all around and with YOU very frustrated and sad…haha… 🙂 german language! clip duration: 11.21 mins. long clip – nice price!

Crushing A Firetruck (FULL HD) - Irina

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