Crushing A Complete Trainset (FULL HD) – Lady Alexia

next crushingclip this month belongs to beautiful raven haired mistress lady alexia! she wears a uniform jacket, riding trousers and black leather high heel boots. in front of her is YOUR complete trainset that you are very proud of to own it. unfortunately lady alexia thinks, that grown man should not play with toy trains any more. either they should work harder for woman or try to make themself more attractive. but to play with toys as an adult is ridiculous to her. so the decision is done – this trainset will be destroyed. it will be destroyed between the cruel hands and under the high heels of this goddess. as you can see in the start all your wagons and locomotives are there, all houses… and in the end everything will be still there – it just changed a lil bit… haha… 🙂 superhot crushingclip with a phantastic lady! clip duration: 10.39 mins

Crushing A Complete Trainset (FULL HD) - Lady Alexia

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