Cassandra Crushes Your Face – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Cassandra was getting ready for a long night of partying with her friends, after spending the day with her warm nylon feet in her boots, and she had asked me to lie down on the floor, just to her personal pleasure. She likes to see me always submissive to her feet, and she knows how addicted I am to her pretty feet. Cassandra was putting on makeup and combing her hair, when she suddenly had a crazy urge to smash my face into the ground with her boots! She asked me to lick the bottom of her dirty boots, but you will actually be the person licking her boots since the video was shot in POV! She then takes pleasure in taking off her boots, in order to crush your face on the ground with her feet in very smelly nylons, before stepping on your head! She then stands on your stomach, and makes you feel her hot and smelly nylon feet! You will have to obey her orders, and there is no way you can escape! Cassandra is standing over you, crushing you to the ground, and now intends to stand directly on your face! You will be caught under her feet in stinky nylons, and you will have no choice but to sniff them! You will have to endure her full weight on your face, and the strong smell of her feet will cause enormous pressure on your face! Cassandra will then make you suck her toes, and you will have to do whatever she demands of you! Be obedient!

Cassandra Crushes Your Face - (Full HD 1080p Version)

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