Carmelas Valentine Gummy Bears – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Carmela thought it would be nice to visit us on this ValentineÂ’s Day, and she thought it would be nice to do a fetish video with me because she totally loves to humiliate me all the time! This sexy little doll really loves domination, and she loves manipulating me and making fun at me like a good slave! She brought some gummy bears for the special occasion, and she also put some of those gummy bears in her boots this morning before she put her boots on for the day! She thought it would be nice to stomp on those gummy bears all day long in her boots, give them a hard time under her hot sweaty feet, and maybe make some fun at me after that with those little gummy bears crushed in her boots! CarmelaÂ’s outfit was sexy as hell for this occasion, and she walked all day in her boots without socks, so her feet must be really sweaty and stinky, and these gummy bears inside her boots probably have had a really rough day! Poor them! Carmela knocked on my door on this beautiful Friday night, and she was more than happy to see me after such a long time! She told me she has been walking all day inside her hot fuck me boots, so she just canÂ’t wait to take them off now to get me sniff and lick her precious little feet! I admit that just thinking about it was turning me on! Carmela is just too sexy! She makes me sit on the floor right in front of her feet, and starts teasing me with her boots on while telling me about her special request video for this ValentineÂ’s Day! She makes me take her boots off, and at this moment I realized there were gummy bears inside her boots! Her feet were so stinky after I took her boots off, so I just canÂ’t imagine how these gummy bears were struggling inside her boots! She pulls these gummy bears out of her boots and lays them on the table, then begins to crush them with her sweaty feet, before feeding them to me with her cruel smile of satisfaction! Here is your ValentineÂ’s Day snack slave! Carmela makes me eat those gummy bears that were inside her boots, and makes me eat them all before covering my face with her sweaty bare feet! The smell of her feet was so intense! It was crazy!Carmela thought it would be nice to poke fun at me a little more, so she inserts one of these gummy bears she brought between each of her toes! She makes me sniff her sweaty feet, lick them, and suck her toes with those gummy bears between her toes! She feeds me a few, before squishing a few more gummy bears on the table, and feeding them back to me! I have to say, these gummy bears tasted a little different than the ones that you usually eat after she crushed them with her sweaty feet on the table! Carmela now plans to crush a few more gummy bears, but she spits on the table and a few gummy bears just to add her personal touch of flavor! She rolls the gummy bears in her spit under her smelly feet after that, and crushes them a little more, before feeding them to me with her feet! Carmela is really having fun in this video, and she is humiliating me a lot with those gummy bears! It is truly an honor to worship her feet no matter what, I have to say I got really turned on worshipping her feet in this video! Carmela is becoming a woman now and, she is for sure one of the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life! Her beauty is just unreal! Hope you enjoy this clip as much as I do!

Carmelas Valentine Gummy Bears - (Full HD 1080p Version)

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