Carmelas Feet Covered in Spit and Gummy Bears – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Carmela really likes to make fun of you all the time, and since she had so much fun humiliating her slave with gummy bears on ValentineÂ’s Day a few weeks ago, she thought it would fun fun to do exactly the same thing with you! She walked all day in her boots, with gummy bears inside, so she thought it would be a funny idea to feed them to you after being crushed all day in her boots! She enjoys teasing you with her boots, before taking them off and laying those gummy bears on the table for you. She crushed them with her boots, and with her feet, then planted them under her sweaty feet to make you eat them! She makes you breathe deep into her feet, and makes you lick the bottom of her soles, before making you eat those gummy bears that have been sweating in her boots all day! She knows how much youÂ’d love to eat those precious gummy bears! Carmela also add a few gummy bears to the table, just to have some extra fun with you, and spits on those gummy bears before stomping them with her feet. She now plans to feed you those saliva-covered gummy bears from the bottom of her sweaty feet! She enjoys verbally humiliating you, and makes you beg her to add some gummy bears to the table, so she can spits on them a few times, smash them with her feet, and feed them to you! Carmela is so sexy with her short skirt and ValentineÂ’s Day outfit! You will have to obey all her instructions, and eat all those gummy bears at her feet! You will also have to lick her spit off her feet! I hope that you will have a good time!

Carmelas Feet Covered in Spit and Gummy Bears - (Full HD 1080p Version)

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