Black Goddess & Cataleya – Coming home after the club

Black Goddess and Cataleya like to dance all night long and to make their shoes dirty. They know that there is a slave waiting at home to make them shiny again. Before coming home, they decide to smoke a cigarette and to go for a blow. They danced a lot and made their sexy boots really dirty and sticky. There was a lot of dirt on the dancefloor and in the toilet. They really dont know what they stepped on.They enter their flat and take place on the couch. They talk about this and that and put their hurting feet on the coffee table. They order the slave to clean them with his tongue. He is even useful as an ashtray. After a while they decide to feed the slave who is starving because he didnt get any food this afternoon. They enjoy preparing a nice meal for the slave and in the end they even use him as a doormat to clean their sexy boots.

Black Goddess & Cataleya - Coming home after the club

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