Lady Scarlet – Strawberries and Grapes Puree (1080p MP4)

A clip from our series Crushing for fun where beautiful and dominant Mistresses crush food for pleasure.Dressed in her beautiful riding attire (proper luxurious riding boots, creamy jodhpurs, white shirt, white blazer and black gloves) Lady Scarlet starts crushing the strawberries and the grapes on the floor. Checking her phone while treading on the fruits, you can hear the popping sound of the grapes while theyre being crushed absolutely carelessly by the Mistress. A couple of minutes later you can see that Lady Scarlet have some extra grapes ready to be crushed. She really loves turning all of the fruits into a complete mush beneath her powerful leather riding boots. At the end you can see that all of the grapes and strawberries are turned into a puree on the floor. Absolutely unrecognisable. Just a colourful spots on the ground.You can enjoy some heel crushing, some walking crush and most of the clip is close ups including some full body angles as well. Lady Scarlet doesnt talk much during the clip, but her style of crushing is definitely worth watching. You will definitely want to find yourself beneath the boots of this stunning Goddess after watching the clip.There is also a moment of slow motion added for some of the great crushing action. Just a few seconds.

Lady Scarlet - Strawberries and Grapes Puree (1080p MP4)

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