Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 – Metal-Car Crushing

Sneaker-Girl “Fussballgirl07” wants to demonstrate the power of her feet. So a big model car, made of metal, has to meet her bare soles today. And this wonderful soccer-girl demonstrates extremely slowly. Enjoy walkovers with long stand and bouncing phases, in full-sole mode as well with her very special tip-toe-technique. Hear the sounds sent out from the helpless car, every time when it sinks down under the girlÂ’s pressure. The ball of her foot simply breaks the rear window – her heel completely crushes the front window into the in-cabin room. Watch the destructions which her strong toes can produce – windows, doors and lids have not a single chance. WOW – suddenly the roof goes down – impressed like an empty can. Oh this girl knows how to perform heel solos – to break fittings, axes and wheels. And the girl seems to feel not the slightest pain. With heel-stomping and toe-scratching the car is completely shredded and even folded and broken in the middle. We never saw such an immense barefoot destruction inflicted upon a metal-car.

Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 - Metal-Car Crushing

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