Lady Isla – Tangerines and Grapes Crushing (1080p MP4)

Lady Isla is here again. I hope you remember her from our previous clip you can find on our store. She is such an amazing crush goddess.Dressed in leather from head to toe Lady Isla walking through the forest and treading on some tangerines and grapes with absolutely no remorse. Ignoring them from time to time she actually told us before filming the clip that she doesnt like tangerines and grapes and the only thing they are good for is to be trampled on, to be underneath her leather boots. This is their place. Thats how she feels about them. They have to be obliterated and this is exactly what would happen to the poor and innocent fruits.Lady Isla is really merciless and sadistic and sometimes during the clip she comes back to completely finish the tangerines, because one step on them is just not enough for her.Weve added some slow motion moments for some of the nice splashing.Almost the entire clip is filmed in close up camera angle, so you can enjoy the action. There are some full body angles, but not much. Some heels trampling and stomping are also taking place.So the first 6 minutes you can enjoy the tangerines crushing and the rest of the clip is the grapes crushing.

Lady Isla - Tangerines and Grapes Crushing (1080p MP4)

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