The Race Car Massacre (FULL HD) – Miss Rubin

Next clip with beautiful mistress MISS RUBIN! we have here a good collection of race cars from a fan – thanx for that. 2 blue cars, 2 red cars and 2 black ones. miss rubin is dressed in a police outfit so its a perfect outfit for racers to stop them…haha… but miss rubin does it in her special way! by destroying them! one by one is broken between her hands or crushed under her cruel heels. she also demonstrates a special technique by taking off one of her well worn plattform mules and hammering the heel onto a car until its gone to pieces… well in the end there is only a mess of parts on the floor when miss rubin is through with the cars! as this bitch is from poland she speaks her native language (polish) in this clip! clip duration: 11.18 mins!!! nice price!

The Race Car Massacre (FULL HD) - Miss Rubin

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