Sneaker-Girl Sophia – Smelly Socks on a Toy-Car

In her living room Sneaker-Girl Sophia slips out of her black Nike shoes and approaches a model-car, lying on the wooden floor, just wearing her light pink socks. After some time of sock posing near and on this black toy – she starts to move it around with her toes and soles. Soon her heel pressure on the car nears its load limit and you can hear the first crackling sounds from the stressed plastic chassis. SophiaÂ’s playing gets rougher, heavier, and soon she shortly steps on that car with almost her full weight. Some tip-toe and heel press-tests create the first audible damages. But Sophia decides on a scene change. Now the car is lying on a grass ground outside – and Sophia comes up wearing her Nike shoes again. After some posing and careful pressing – a heel walkover produces good damage. From now on Sophia walks over, mangles and stomps the model with her elastic Nike soles. The beautiful girl tramples the fragments even further and extremely hard, also pressing them deeply into the grass ground. Only a pile of many small plastic splints is remaining. No passant later will be able to guess – what this debris field formerly could have been.

Sneaker-Girl Sophia - Smelly Socks on a Toy-Car

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