Sneaker-Girl Sophia – Barefoot Walk

Here nothing will be crushed – underfoot! Today Sneaker-Girl Sophia wants to show you a nice barefoot study. Yes – of course – we all now what feet are made for > WALKING! They have to move and bring the female body from a point A to a point B. And this is exactly what sweet Sophia wants to show you. She will take you on a trip – where you can follow and watch her feet doing their origin job > WALKING! Watch her legs and feet acting on two different grounds – a dirty path-way and low dry grass. You will not see any crushing – OK. But we do not know and can not see – whether ants, bugs or worms are crossing her way. Just use your imagination – what all could have that bad luck to get under these slowly but continuously marching dream-soles. And the real female foot lovers might hear this very old Nancy Sinatra song echoing deep inside their heads (please excuse the bad grammar):> These (F)OOTS are made for walking. And thats just what theyll do. One of these days these (F)OOTS are gonna walk all – over >>> YOU!

Sneaker-Girl Sophia - Barefoot Walk

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