Sneaker-Girl Mila – Happy Easter!

Sneaker-Girl Mila is walking, hopping and jumping through the garden. In her girlish pigtail outfit, wearing her white sneakers and carrying a basket, she is searching for the presents that Easter bunny had hidden for her > Easter eggs. She finds a whole bunch of them – but the last one is simply walked flat into the grass – under her sneaker sole. Interesting feeling! Sweet Mila places the collected eggs carefully on the flagged floor. Then she slips out of her shoes and shows her nice bare feet and blue nail polish. And now she prepares – your Easter present! Mila crushes and grinds all eggs slowly under her bare toes, balls and soles. Enjoy the egg mush ooze out from under her pressure. Some eggs are even stomped or shredded with a powerful toe-scratch. Later she collects all the crushed egg-mass to a pile, hops, jumps and tramples on it, until only mush remains. Oh yes – this wonderful crush girl knows exactly how to deal with hard-boiled eggs.

Sneaker-Girl Mila - Happy Easter!

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