Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 & Honey – Ginger-Bread Crush

Our soccer-girl team has found out that summer is over – soon the Christmas time will arrive. So they decided to crush something for you to prepare your mood for this approaching season. With their wonderful and talented bare feet they will trample and crush a set of Ginger-Bread. First they taste the cookies on their own. They realize that an important flavor, for you, is missing – the taste of bare soles. No problem – they know what to do. They unload all cookies and start to press the missing flavor into them. Ok – during the process of post spicing all cookies change their shape – they get flat, and mushy. But – we do not think that this would diminish your pleasure. What do you think? Finally the whole set of cookies is crushed into a mass and mixed up with the dusty ground. Yes, indeed – simply call it a CHRIST-MASS!

Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 & Honey - Ginger-Bread Crush

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