Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 – Burger Menu

You might have recognized that our sweet Fussballgirl07 not only has a pure talent to prepare food for her fans just using her bare feet. As well she meanwhile has gained also a lot of experiences in this activity. Therefore today a complete burger menu will meet her powerful bare soles, outside on a large and dusty grass field. Here we go. The girl enters the scene and places the burger menu on the ground – the opened burger box, the bag with fries and the drink. With her toes she pushes the cover bun to the side, just to get free forefoot access to the warm meat. Then she gives MEAT! – No – pressure. Watch the burger go down – ooze up in between her toes. She is working extremely slowly. Not possible to mention all of her actions here in detail. So watch and enjoy on your own. Be assured she changes everything – meat into paste – buns into shreds and fries into puree. All is mixed up and stepped into a unique mass – together with dirt and grass. And the coke gives it the mushy humidity in the end. Simply wonderful! Not all guys like fast food. But we are sure – many of them love FLAT FOOD! In the end the menu is not recognizable as that what it has been only minutes before. Only a wet spot of mud remains.

Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 - Burger Menu

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