Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 – Barefoot Crushing a Mc-Larren Toy-Car

At first – a big HEUREKA! Yes – we have our 500th clip inside the shop. ItÂ’s a great honor that Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 will present it. But – this coincidence is more a fact of fortune. But what she performs for you – is no fortune – it is knowledge and professionalism. So after this brutal rubber-boot crush she has decided to bring out a new clip for her barefoot-fans. Just to remember all of you, what even her bare soles can do – and – how they can do it! Today a small Mc-Larren model will have the fate to feel her bare soles. She has size EU 38 feet – but – watch her well trained soccer-legs! Great – beautiful and powerful! Just the first walkover – and the first door breaks off! Other walkovers follow. And the car goes down, more and more, with each step. Then – double foot tip-toe action. WOW! What destruction. Later on – toe breaking of the chassis. And FBG goes further on. She breaks every single fragment of the car – with toes, balls, sole or heel. Do you like her – and her nice power-feet?

Sneaker-Girl Fussballgirl07 - Barefoot Crushing a Mc-Larren Toy-Car

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