ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – About the plot: The strict mistress has turned three good-for-nothing slaves into unicorns and sentenced them to death. The execution is carried out by crushing them with the mistress boots. You sit on your throne and read out the sentence for each unicorn before you crush them. For the first unicorn, you first crush the body and then the head. The second unicorn you crush between your strong calves while sitting on the throne. You then crush the remains under your boots. With the third unicorn, you first crush the head before you stomp it to a pulp with all your strength and tear it to shreds with your boot heels. Perhaps you can hold the last unicorn with its head on the pedestal of your throne and then, standing in front of the throne, slowly crush its head.In the end you tear all three unicorns to shreds and stomp them to a pulp again under your boots till there is nothing left of them.In the video I would like to see the boots from the clip Stiletto Wanker. I love these classy boots, especially the matte sheen of the leather as your strong legs move in them and the bootleg wrinkles. Ill leave the choice of outfits to go with the boots to your good taste.Since you dont speak German, I would prefer English as the language in the clip. Unfortunately, my Italian is limited to reading the menu in the restaurant, so please excuse me.


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