Mistress Alisha Bartlett – Weight Reveal and Butt Drops

Mistress Alisha Bartlett is enjoying some Greek food while using her slave as a seat but he…WONT…SHUT…UP! he is always complaining that she is too heavy! when she finishes eating she get off of him and weighs herself… she is a bit shocked and laughs, i guess she is a bit heavy?The second half of the video, Mistress Alisha drops onto Jimmys chest over and over as he cries! she demands he lift her and he tries, but each time drops her heavily to his weak rips! he wont be able to take this for much more!(this was a special request from multiple viewers and Alisha was a bit uncomfortable revealing her weight. at her request this video is a bit more expensive because of the scale being involved. if your looking for pure buttdrops we have other cheaper videos available)

Mistress Alisha Bartlett - Weight Reveal and Butt Drops

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