Gigacrush – Guitar And Keyboard (FULL HD) – Lady Olga And Lady Kat

sensation this month! we made a crushing series which is maybe the best and biggest ever taped in history of clips for all time!!! and this is not all… we made it with a supercool combination cuz our very popular and beautiful mistress LADY OLGA invited her daughter to come with her! yes…you get it right…her real life daughter! so lets welcome lady kat!!! we recieved another customer request asked us, if he could send us “””””some””””” toys to be crushed…well…we aggreed, but we didnt expect what was coming next days… so this crushing feature is indeed more a total massacre of indredbile much stuff…the full feature runs for about 100 mins!!! but the crushed stuff is divided…so way easier to download… the scenario: lady olga and lady kat are police officers who were alarmed by the automatic alarm system of an house of rich people who are absent. as they arrive they are in the playroom finding incredible much toys all around… lady olga hate these rich people and even what they have…this young boy here has toys for 100nds of …so… she descide to destroy it…and invites her friend (real life daughter…remember that again…) lady kat to enjoy to crush everything to pieces… they start with an accoustic cuitar that is destroyed under the boots of lady olga…lady kat starts with the big keyboard… in the end both ladies stomping the keyboard to dust… remember…this is just the start of the series… and its even an extremely cool crushing clip with 2 phantastic bitches!!! polish and german language! clip duration: 06.33 mins!

Gigacrush - Guitar And Keyboard (FULL HD) - Lady Olga And Lady Kat

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