Crushing Trucks (FULL HD) – Lady Maya And Miss Rubin

time for the first crushingclip this month! starring superhot mistresses lady maya and miss rubin both ladies are wearing shiny pvc uniforms in this clip – lady maya in black and pink and miss rubin in white. and both ladies wearing shiny spiked high heel boots! on the ground 2 trucks. your trucks!? yes…YOUR well beloved trucks YOU are so proud to own… but these bitches dont like to see YOU happy! so they want to get happy by see YOU frustrated, down and depressed…so they decide its a good idea to destroy those trucks and they use their cruel hands to break pieces away or parts of and of course their cruel sexy high heel boots to crush it all to thousend parts… and its so funny for them to see it all spraying away, breaking to dust (and as some parts of the trucks are hard plastic, they nearly explode…:) ). so poor boy…that was it with YOUR cars…haha… class a crushing clip, cool closeups included, phantastic ladies! clip duration: 09.17 mins. polish language!

Crushing Trucks (FULL HD) - Lady Maya And Miss Rubin

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