Apple Crush (HDTVMOV) – Cassandra

whenever YOU make a customer request, we ALWAYS try to fulfil it, but sometimes we need a lil time for it…so be patient please and follow our store and ooops…there it is… this is a request a customer made a while ago, he asked us, if we can crush an apple. yes…we can. in this clip cassandra does exactly that. she wears personal leather boots, first playing around with a red apple that lies on the ground… first the apple tries to resist to be flattened, but of course he gives in sooner or later…and he does…when cassandra stands on him, pressing him as hard as she can he nearly explodes! still not finished here, she flattens also the pieces of the apple til theres a mess of crushed apple all around! if youre into food crushing, this clip is a MUSTBUY! clip duration: 05.51 mins.

Apple Crush (HDTVMOV) - Cassandra

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